Using The Asthma Peak Flow Meter

There are methods that you can do when trying to control the symptoms that are associated with asthma and to keep the attacks at bay. The peak flow meter is a special hand held device that will help to do just this. It is used by people who have mild to severe asthma problems.

Measuring Your Peak Flow

  • Place the marker on the side of the device all the way to the bottom of the scale.
  • While you are standing up straight you need to take a deep breath and allow the air to fill your lungs completely.
  • Hold your breath while placing the mouthpiece into your moth and between your teeth. Secure it in place with your lips and remember to keep your tongue out of the way.
  • Exhale as hard and fast as you can into it. That first blow is what counts. Trying to hold it out will do nothing.
  • Make sure to record the number that you landed on.
  • Do the process two more times. The highest of all three times is your peak flow number and should be logged into your chart that you show the doctor.

When To Test

It is important that you test yourself every day for two to three weeks when you are trying to determine your best peak flow number. This should only be done when you know that you have your asthma under control. The best times to check are between noon and 2 p.m. every day, every time you use medicines that relieve symptoms quickly, and when your doctor tells you to.

Remember that you are using this to control your asthma and to determine how severe it is. Over time your best number could become worse or even better. It depends on what you are doing to avoid asthma attacks and how it is being treated.