Singular For Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory illness which can attack at the most unexpected times. This means that it can happen anytime and anywhere especially when triggered by unexpected reasons.

What Happens During An Asthma Attack?

When allergens (stuff like dirt, bacteria, pollutants, smoke, and other minute objects) enter into the respiratory tract, it causes an inflammation onto the airway’s surface. As a reflex action from the air passageway, it will narrow down and emit more mucus than usual. Throughout this process, airflow gets blocked which leads to shortness of breath. Aside from allergens, asthma can also be triggered by extreme emotions such as shock, desperation, and fear.

Since asthma does not really get solved, most people who have it undergo asthma drug therapy in order to cope up. This somehow makes things easier for them because after all, you can’t really tell when allergens are and you can only do so much to prevent from facing extreme situations. With the help of asthma drug therapy, the illness can be toned down or at least controlled by the person.

But among the medications being used these days for the illness, singular for asthma remains as the most prescribed by doctors. Aside from asthma, singular can also be used for eliminating nasal problems and allergies which can get the nose stuffed up. Singular for asthma is also made available in these two variants:

  • Granules – This type is usually prescribed for babies. To use this medication, the granules are being mixed in the cereal meal, milk formulation or any liquid food which the baby will be fed on.
  • Tablets – This variant is made available for adults already. This can be prescribed as something to be taken daily just before you undergo rigorous activities such as exercise.

When using singular for asthma, you also have to be wary of taking it right on schedule. This is because it also plays a crucial part in making sure that your blood level is kept at a regular rate. Most doctors would advise that singular for asthma is taken before or even after eating meals. However, the dosages can differ according to the medical history and age of the person who will be taking it. Side effects are also reported to have occurred from people taking singular for asthma. Some of these side effects are tooth pain, stomach pain and even flu.