Singular Asthma

An asthma attack can be very difficult to deal with if you don’t have the right medication. Asthma attacks affects the lungs as well as the internal organs because of the lack of oxygen circulating inside the body during an attack. Severe asthma attacks can make the airways so contricted that breathing becomes so difficult. This difficulty in breathing results to less oxygen being distributed to the internal organs. Asthma attacks can be fatal if not treated immediately.

The most popular and widely prescribed medication for asthma is Singular Asthma. With Singular, asthma symptoms are greatly reduced. Patients are able to sleep better and function normally in the morning because of less symptoms. Singular Asthma also reduces a patients dependence on inhalers.

What is Singular Asthma?

Singulair (Montelukast Sodium) is a prescription medication that helps control asthma in adults and even children as young as 1 year old. With singular, patients can experience:

  • Better Sleep – Say goodbye to asthma symptoms waking you up at night.
  • Less need of Inhalers – Singular Asthma controls symptoms therefore reducing the need of frequent sprays.
  • Less Asthma Attacks – You may even totally prevent attacks if you know your triggers and you’re careful enough to avoid them.
  • Productive Hours – Since symptoms are less, you will be able to work productively.

How Does Singular Work?

When the immune system detects a threat (trigger), they send out leukotrienes (loo-ko-try-eens) and other chemicals to fight off the threat. This causes the bronchial tubes to swell, the muscle around it tighten, and the membranes produces more mucus than usual. This reaction causes the symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing. Singular works by blocking leukotrienes, therefore preventing asthma symptoms.

How Is Singular Is Taken?

Singular is taken daily during the evening and is available in different variants.

  • 10mg tablet for adults 15yrs and older
  • 5mg cherry flavored chewables for kids 6-14yrs of age
  • 4mg cherry flavored chewables for kids 2-5 years of age
  • 4mg oral granules for 12 months – 5yr old kids

Singular Side Effects

Side effects vary depending on the age of the patient. Mild headaches, sore throat and ear infection are the most common. Some users claim more serious side effects like panic attacks, depression, anxiety, bad dreams and migraines etc. It is advisable to consult your doctor and ask about any side effects so you are not caught off guard.

Singular asthma only works to prevent symptoms, in case of an attack you should follow your doctor’s advice and rescue inhalers should always come in handy. Please follow all instructions on your Singular / Singulair medication and consult your doctor prior to diagnosing any medical condition or taking any medicine such as this. The information contained here was not written by a doctor, just an informed consumer with an interest in the condition and medication.