How To Diagnose Asthma

In order to be treated for having asthma your doctor must first diagnose the problem and find out for sure that this is what you are experiencing. Without the right tests and answers to back them up they will not be able to know for sure whether it was asthma or maybe another condition.

History Questions

Along with knowing the symptoms you are having they also need to know if something like this runs in your family. If your parents, siblings, or other relatives suffer from asthma than there is a greater risk that you will also.

Physical Examination

Your doctor will need to listen to your breathing and try to look for any wheezing. This will be a high pitched sound when you are exhaling and this will help to determine whether or not you have a mild or severe type.

They will also need to examine your nasal cavities. When they are pale and swelling this will be a sign that you suffer from allergic rhinitis. This condition can worsen the symptoms of asthma.


It is important that they thoroughly test you when trying to determine if you are suffering from asthma. Learning about your symptoms, history, and examining you helps – but only tests can give them a definitive answer.

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate

This test will measure the airflow that is in your lungs using a hand held device in which you will exhale into as hard as you can. Your doctor will want you to keep one at home with you and write down the measurements that you receive. This is also used to help control your asthma.


This is very much like the peak expiratory flow rate test except that it uses better equipment and is usually performed in the doctor’s office. It will help them to determine how severe your condition is.