Asthma is one of the most common and most unwelcome illnesses today. Asthma could have negative effects in your health and it could hinder you from functioning properly. It hurts a lot whenever it prevents you from doing what you love most. Some good athletes are unable to give out their best because of asthma. I’ve known many people who ended up emotionally drained from trying to find a cure.

Parents have also been so wary about their kids developing asthma, around 8 million kids in the U.S. alone, have asthma. It’s so sad to see small kids suffering from asthma, if adults find asthma attacks unbearable, what more if they’re 3 or 4 year old kids. It is known that pollution is one of the things that triggers asthma. With the alarming number of asthmatics around the world and it’s adding up everyday. It makes you think and wonder, are we living in a very dirty environment already? How long can our bodies take this kind of torture?

What Future Do Our Kids Have?

I know it’s not right to blame the rising number of asthma cases on the environment alone since there are other factors that causes it, like genes, pollen, strong scent etc…

These are what we call triggers, but what made our genes prone to asthma? what made our bodies overly react to pollens that seem harmless to other people? Exercising should be strengthening our body’s and keeping us healthy, but why is it that it’s causing you to lose breath? Something must have caused these, there should be a root cause to all of this.

Unfortunately, even the medical industry does not know what causes asthma. Triggers are widely known and preventive tips are available but the cause and the cure are not.

Consider yourself fortunate if you do not have this illness, however if you do, doing everything in order to prevent an attack is a must. Serious health risks and even death are attributed to asthma attacks.

Things You Can Do To Prevent An Asthma Attack

  • Keep your environment clean – Dust mites are one of the most common allergens as well as animal dander, cockroaches and molds. Keeping your place free from these things will reduce your chances of having an attack.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking is bad for the lungs and the smoke will irritate your bronchial tubes. It greatly increases your chances of having an attack.
  • Avoid Air Pollution – Although, you can’t avoid it in general. Try to stay clear of places where air pollution is worse like smog filled city’s.
  • Exercise – Keep your immune system strong by keeping your body healthy. If you are prone to exercise-induced asthma, consult your doctor first before engaging in any activity.

One good advice that I can give you, is that on the very first sign of asthma, consult your doctor immediately. Work with him in order to identify what triggers your asthma and do your best to avoid them or else your condition will get worse.

It can be said that asthma is still among the leading illnesses in the world today, especially among children. Asthma continues to become one of the crucial illnesses which cause deaths in an annual basis. Up to this date, there is still no known cure for asthma. Its sufferers only get by through the use of regular medications but there is yet to be a single cure which can really prevent it from happening again.

Asthma is also classified as a chronic respiratory illness which brings a lot of problems to the person by obstructing his or her airways. How does this happen? Well, asthma is very sensitive to different types of allergens. Allergens are considered to be the triggers which cause the airways to constrict and therefore impair regular normal breathing. Allergens can come in different types, but they usually come in the form of dirt, pollens, bacteria, and any minute dust particles which unfortunately get inhaled. Extreme emotions can also account for the triggering of an asthma attack. This is the reason why people who have the illness are advised against feeling extreme happiness, sadness, and anger.

Asthma is most commonly obtained from genetic reasons. So parents or grandparents who have the condition are most certainly going to pass it onto the next generation. Although it is quite a bit hard to pinpoint who among the next in the family can get the illness, the sure thing is that somebody’s bound to inherit it. However, it can be hard to know at first if the person is suffering from asthma especially among little children. So here are the usual symptoms for people who are suffering from asthma:

  • Chest tightening
  • Shortening of breath
  • Coughing and wheezing

To help people with asthma, lots of different drug therapies are now being followed. However, it is a must that the person consults his or her physician first before proceeding with any type of medication. Most of these drug therapies for asthma involve the use of strong medicines which can potentially cause unwanted side effects. Most of the medications are made to prevent the body from reacting to allergens as they pass through the bronchial airways. These medications do not really cure asthma but they do a great part in helping regulate the senses so that asthma attacks ceases to happen. Because of this, drug therapies for asthma needed to be taken in specified periods.