Asthma Drug Therapy

Up to this day, there’s still no known cure for asthma. As such, medical professionals prescribe asthma drug therapy to patients suffering from the said illness. Although most people have an idea of the things that can probably trigger asthma there are still some instances when it can attack the person at the most unexpected events. Because of this, asthma drug therapy is being prescribed so that the unexpected attacks can be minimized if not completely avoided.

In most cases, anti-inflammatory types of drugs are being used for asthma therapy. The most popular among these are corticosteroids. This type of steroids minimizes the swelling happening in the bronchial airway whenever an asthma attack will occur. Steroids have a way of making the airways stronger in such a way that it does not react immediately to triggers when allergens come in. Asthma attacks often happen because of allergens which trigger the airways.

Another type of medication for asthma attack is known as the bronchodilators. This specific kind of drug works by relaxing the muscular bands inside the bronchial airways. When the muscles tighten up due to a certain asthma trigger, the bronchial airway gets blocked and the person experiences shortness of breath. So when the muscles are kept relaxed, tightening up ceases to happen and the person will be able to breathe more conveniently if not more comfortably. The person taking this medication may also experience coughing up some mucus in case symptoms of an asthma attack would appear. Coughing up excess mucus helps keep the airway still clear for breathing.

Apart from these two classic types of asthma medication, there’s a new type of asthma treatment reaching the grasp of asthma patients—Xolair. This does the job by inhibiting the sensitivity of the asthma patient to allergens. People experience asthma attacks when they get caught up in allergens. Xolair works because it helps inactivate the protein content in the person’s immune system which causes the asthma attack to happen upon the onset of allergens.

Although there are so many medications available in the market today, you should still be careful of the ones you choose. Before trying out anything for yourself or for someone, it is best to consult a physician first. Asthma drug therapy is often centered on powerful medications, which can cause some serious side effects if it will be used without caution. It can also cause further body damage if used improperly.